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I am a native of Southern California. I grew up inAbout San Diego County Roofing L.A. and Orange County. I graduated from high school in 1983 and went directly into the Army. I was stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina, where I served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division.

After completing my term of enlistment in 1986, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio. There I met a man that owned a large commercial roofing company. He originally hired me to be a salesman, but soon asked me to be his operations manager (superintendent). There I learned just about every skill required to run the field operations of a commercial roofing company.

I was in charge of purchasing, supervising both the field and yard personnel, scheduling jobs, maintaining the trucks and equipment, and managing inventory. We specialized in installing hot asphalt, tar, and gravel roofing on large industrial complexes. I supervised high profile projects for industrial giants such as General Electric, Alcoa, Alcan, LTR Steel and power plants for CEI, the largest electricity provider in Northern Ohio. After four years, I had learned a lot and it pained me to leave, but I missed Southern California too much to stay in Ohio.

I ended up coming to San Diego when Benton Roofing hired me in 1990 to be their superintendent. I performed many of the same duties as I did at my previous job in Cleveland, but on a larger scale. I was the direct supervisor of over 80 yard and field personnel, including an in-house sheet metal shop and asbestos abatement. It was while I was at Benton Roofing that I not only supervised many large commercial projects, but also managed many residential projects. In fact, I was superintendent of one of the largest residential roofing companies in San Diego at the time. This opportunity provided me with the well-rounded experience and knowledge that would prove to be so important later, when I started my own roofing company. I worked with Benton Roofing for about two years when I was presented with an opportunity to work in the material distribution end of the business.

I worked in material distribution for about twelve years. I gained experience in different roles, as an inside counter salesman, an outside salesman, and a branch manager. The years spent in material distribution provided me with a unique insight into the different roofing companies of San Diego. I was able to observe what worked and what did not work. I studied the type of actions that led to long-term stability through customer satisfaction and witnessed those actions that led to only short-term gains and then eventual failure. The total experience gave me an in-depth product knowledge that many roofing contractors have not acquired.

My twenty-five plus years of experience and extensive product knowledge, are secondary to my belief that honesty and integrity are the most important qualities that a person can possess. I am a family man with a beautiful wife and four great kids, and I live my life and run my business with those two qualities as my top priorities.

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