Concrete Roof Tile

Tile roofing is a popular choice among homeowners in the San Diego area. Barrel, slate, and shake style concrete tiling adds a decorative and sophisticated touch to virtually any home. There are also several other benefits of concrete tile roofing options that traditional roofing styles typically do not offer. For example, concrete tile roofs can be installed in a way that creates specific and beautiful patterns. When installed properly, concrete tile roofing choices can last for more than half a century! No one knows more about installing, maintaining, and repairing concrete tile roofing than San Diego County Roofing, Inc.

Concrete Tile Installation Processes

Most of the tile roofs that are installed on San Diego tract homes will begin to experience leaks or other damage around or even before they reach twenty years of age. The relatively low lifespan is typically due to shortcuts in craftsmanship and inferior product quality used in the mass construction industry. Many contractors choose only the least expensive materials and underlayment permitted by current building code standards. They may also overlook some flashing details and other fine points that are pertinent to quality construction. San Diego County Roofing, Inc. specializes in the installation of superior quality concrete tile roofing.

In fact, San Diego County Roofing, Inc. has been certified by the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI) and installs all new tile, lift and relays, and re-roofs according to current TRI specifications. Complete re-roof or lift and relay roofing projects can usually completed within three or four working days. According to the highest industry standards and customer expectations, our concrete tile installation crews always uses two layers of a Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SBS) Modified hybrid underlayment or one layer of high performance underlayment that is self-adhesive. In combination with performing installations per TRI requirements and current building code regulations, the overall result is a concrete tile roofing system with a lifespan of fifty years.

TRI Installation Guide

The Aesthetic Appeal of Concrete Tile Roofing

Wood shake tile has been a long time favorite for homeowners in various demographic areas. The individual tiles give a three dimensional depth and shapely texture that compliments most roofing styles. Concrete shake tile shares a similar appearance to the wood counterparts and also gives any roof a unique style. This increased curb appeal of concrete tile roofs can lead to higher sale prices for upscale builders and existing homeowners who are preparing to list their home on the San Diego market.

San Diego County Roofing, Inc. features a wide array of concrete roofing styles and options for homeowners. Expert consultants are available to work with homeowners, review samples, and make selections that are most appropriate for a particular home style and roof shape. In addition to the traditional barrel shaped mission style tiles, there are several other patterns and styles available. Some of the most popular installation methods of concrete tiles include simple flat tiles, boosting, staggering, and serpentine patterns. Each of these options provides a completely different look and offers a special touch that sets a home apart from its neighbors.

The Functionality of Concrete Tile

In addition to being beautiful, concrete tile roofing also offer San Diego homeowners a potential cost savings on their utility bills. Heat transfer from the upper levels or attic of a home to the main living areas can create higher temperatures and increase the energy usage required to reduce internal temperatures a comfortable level. Concrete tiles are naturally effective insulators and can absorb stifling heat before it reaches the inside of a home or building. The barrel, slate, and shake concrete tiles also provide an efficient ventilation method to help keep San Diego homes cool with even and consistent temperatures.

Concrete tile is sound economical choice for homeowners throughout San Diego because they reduce energy usage, require minimal maintenance, and have a naturally long life span. Along with the obvious energy savings, concrete tiles also have a natural tendency to repel or reduce the growth of mold and algae, which can discolor roofs and produce unsightly stains.

Boral cool concrete tiles are renowned for their high reflectivity properties. As cool roofing options become more important to builders, they are also more readily available to homeowners and property managers. These tiles come in many popular and attractive colors that add to the decor of any home or neighborhood. The lower roof temperatures decrease energy bills, electricity strains, and other environmental factors. Many Boral selections offered by San Diego County Roofing Inc. exceed the Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council guidelines.

Considering Concrete Tile for Your San Diego Home?

Since the cost of repairing a single leak in a tile roof can be 25% of the cost of a complete lift and relay, many homeowners opt for the latter when it comes to repairing a tile roofing system. The experienced staff at San Diego County Roofing, Inc. usually offers customers the option for spot repairs, complete lift and relays, and entire roof replacements. Our experienced staff and dedicated management team not only provide superior tile roofs, they also provide superior customer service.

San Diego County Roofing, Inc. specializes in tile roofing options, including concrete tile. We offer high quality products like Boral concrete, slate, and clay tiles that feature the widest variety of tiles, underlayments, and accessories. As a Title-24 compliant company, all staff members are aware of the latest technology and building code requirements. We have the most experienced installers of any roofing company in the San Diego area and are increasingly knowledgeable about the roofing industry.

If you are considering adding concrete tile to your home and would like to speak with one of the most experienced Boral installers in the San Diego area, call today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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