Inspections / Certifications

Roof Safety Inspections and Viability Certifications

San Diego homes can suffer extensive roof damage as a result ofRoofing Inspections and certifications wear and tear from being exposed to years of sun, rain, wind and other challenging weather conditions. It can be difficult for a property owner to judge when their roof is at the end of its useful life. We are a professional roofing contractor qualified to certify the roof through an inspection process which estimates the remaining life based on its current condition.

A thorough inspection performed by San Diego County Roofing involves inspecting the surface for any loose or missing materials, cracks, other signs of material or structural weakness, and the over all flashing condition. Roofing protrusions such as drains, downspouts, gutters, and vents also undergo inspection. Throughout the inspection process, the roofing contractor takes several digital photos then generates the roof certificate, certifying its inspection and remaining lifespan in writing. We perform roof inspections for real estate and insurance purposes on all types and brands for both residential and commercial properties. This includes inspecting asphalt shingles, concrete tile,
clay tile, metal, slate, TPO, PVC, APP modified, SBS modified, and hot asphalt.

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We are happy to provide these services to homeowners, apartment managers, property managers, real estate professionals, lending institutions, and commercial building owners and managers throughout the San Diego County area. Depending on the purpose of the inspection or certification requested, customers will receive a thorough report of findings. This detailed synopsis may come in several forms, such as:

Encinitas roof inspection and certification
  • Roof Inspection With A Verbal Report
  • Roof Inspection With A Written Report In PDF Format
  • One Year Roof Certification In PDF Format
  • Two Year Roof Certification In PDF Format
  • Three Year Roof Certification In PDF Format

Roof Certifications for Real Estate Purposes

A roof inspection with a certification report is often required in real estate and insurance transactions throughout San Diego County. Realtors want to ensure that their buyers are protected and purchasing homes that are in their advertised condition. Banks and other lending institutions typically require a roof life expectancy of two years or more in order to process a mortgage loan. Insurance companies are also interested in roof certifications to ensure the structure qualifies for a specific policy.

Many San Diego homeowners and commercial building owners request a roof certificate while selling their home or business property because it gives potential buyers peace of mind during the sales process. If the seller does not provide a roof certificate prospective buyers should hire a roofing company to perform the inspection so they are aware of any potential damage a leaking roof can cause.

Home Inspections vs Roof Inspections

Contrary to popular belief, standard home inspections done at the time of a real estate purchase do not include a thorough inspection of the roofing condition. Buyers who want to protect their most important investment need to know how important a roof inspection is during their housing purchase, especially while the property is in escrow. San Diego County Roofing specializes in roofing inspections for all types of houses.

More Than A Cursory Glance

San Diego structures have specific roof styles that require an inspection done by a professional who knows the area. We first conduct an interior roof inspection to determine if there is any moisture intrusion and, if so, its origin. We then perform an exterior inspection to evaluate the current condition of the roof and whether there is any evidence of disrepair, previous repairs or overall weaknesses. Water diversion systems such as ridges, caps, drains, downspouts, and gutters are checked for efficiency and blockage. Flashings and protrusions such as roof pipes, chimneys, vents, alleys, and mounting HVAC units are also inspected.

Understanding Your Roof Inspection / Certification Report

After the housing inspection, the customer receives a full synopsis of our findings. In addition to estimating the life expectancy of the roof, we provide a written inspection report. This report will include a detailed explanation of any roof repairs that may be needed. If a new roof is recommended, the report will explain why replacement is the best option.

In either case, we generate a separate and easy to read cost proposal for the recommended repairs or new installation. In most cases, an electronic version of the roof proposal will be sent on the same day the report is created. San Diego County Roofing specialists take their time creating these reports to educate customers and ensure that all homes receive the same special attention to detail.

Roof inspection reports are provided in PDF format, with all conditions and deficiencies clearly notated and cross referenced to specific applicable digital photos. Some may need minor corrections, major roof repairs or roof replacement if required. These instances are adequately supported by digital photos to make sure that whoever is responsible for the repairs has a clear outline of what needs to be done and why.

Contemplating A Roof Repair?

While performing the inspection a roofing contractor may discover significant issues. Repairs are typically recommended when the condition of the roof is deteriorated and the roofing company cannot guarantee its current integrity. In these situations, an estimate of the roof repair cost is included with the inspection report. These estimates not only provide the customer with an idea of the costs associated with repairing the roof, but may also be useful in the price negotiations during the purchase or sale of a property.

Roof Inspection And Roof Maintenance Programs

With this service homeowners, property managers and commercial facilities receive an inspection of all roofs, chimneys, flashing, gutters and downspouts. We complete a checklist reporting the current condition of the roofing system and make any applicable minor repairs. In the event that more extensive work is needed details will be reported to the owner followed by an inclusive written estimate. Services covered under the maintenance program are completed annually and require that someone is available on the property while services are being performed.

Inspections Include:Commercial roofing inspections and certifation service

  • All interior and exterior roof areas
  • Roof flashing and transitions
  • Roof penetrations / hatches
  • Plumbing vent flashings
  • HVAC vent flashings
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Attic space (where applicable)
Reports Include:
  • PDF text with digital photos
  • Overview of the condition of existing and previous layers of roofing material
  • Overview of the condition of existing roof flashing materials and methods
  • Written documentation of any material defects discovered
  • Recommendations of any necessary minor or major repairs
Expert roofing contractors agree that houses and commercial properties should have their roofs inspected by a qualified professional at least once every 3-5 years. Whether for a real estate transaction or a general assessment, property owners should not attempt to make an important judgment about the condition of the roofing system without first consulting with San Diego County Roofing.

Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the roofing system and provide a detailed report of the overall condition. We then discuss options to decide if replacement is necessary, or if repairs are able to extend the life of the roof. Don’t wait until there has been structural damage to the roof before requesting a professional opinion. Contact San Diego County Roofing today and schedule a roofing inspection.

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