Roof Repairs / Maintenance

Residential roofing repairs San Diego All roofs, whether commercial or residential, require regular maintenance to maximize long term service life and minimize the chance of leakage or other problems from occurring in the future. Owners should not allow a nuisance leak to persist and develop into a major problem which degrades insulation and causes mold or dry rot to further damage the roof assembly. San Diego County Roofing professionals expertly repair and provide preventative maintenance on all types and brands of both residential and commercial roofs. This includes but is not limited to asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, metal, slate, TPO, PVC, APP modified, SBS modified, and hot asphalt.

Sometimes a roofing company will suggest an expensive total roof replacement when that may not be the only option available. This generally happens when the contractor is not adept at performing residential or commercial roof repairs. They may not even be aware that sometimes a simple roof coating may be all that is needed to perform a stop-leak repair. San Diego County Roofing will conduct a thorough and honest roof inspection to determine if a new roof is absolutely necessary. In many cases, a more cost effective and environmentally friendly repair option is available.

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Assessing the Current Condition of Your Roof

Every roof experiences typical wear and tear through the process of natural aging and exposure to the elements. If maintenance services and necessary repairs are not completed on a regular basis, the service life of the roof could be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is important for all San Diego property owners to have routine inspections scheduled and also to understand what potential factors apply to both residential and commercial roofing systems.

Roof Quality Can Be Adversely Affected From:Encinitas roof repairs

  • Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Poor Design, Defective Materials & Shoddy Installation
  • Failure to Maintain or Repair the Roof
  • Rooftop Contaminants (Oil, Grease, Fuels, HVAC Discharge)
  • Building & Roof Movement & Expansion
  • Building Improvements or Additions (Satellite Dishes, Awnings)
  • Contractor Damage (Dropped Tools, Foot Traffic)
  • Clogged Drains and Scuppers
  • Defective Flashings and Penetrations
  • Standing Water (Ponding)
  • Flashing Details, Drains, Skylights, and Air Conditioning Units
  • The Importance of A Roofing Maintenance Program
Routine maintenance is an essential part of home ownership and property management. Annual roofing inspections that are conducted as part of a service plan will likely uncover many of the potential hazards that are lurking under the rooftop surface. San Diego County Roofing experts offer advice and regular maintenance agreements to both residential and commercial customers. During the scheduled inspections, professional staff members will perform a thorough investigation and take care of any covered minor repairs that are necessary. If there are any larger problems or areas of concern to follow up on, the customer will receive a detailed written report.

Committing to a roof maintenance plan is an important factor in preserving the integrity of the roofing structure and avoiding costly emergency repairs. Choosing an economical and proactive preventative maintenance plan through San Diego County Roofing will ensure a long, leak free, service life for any commercial or residential rooftop.

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There are also many other advantages to having a preventative roof maintenance program in place:Roof repair in Rancho Santa Fe

  • Keeps owners informed of the overall condition of the roof
  • Avoids costly surprises caused by preventable leaks
  • Provides peace of mind that the property and contents are secure
  • Allows time to plan a budget and save for major repairs or replacement
  • Prevents interior damage and potential health hazards from mold growth
Your roof needs routine maintenance to function optimally over time. Routine roof maintenance helps prevent damage, wear, and the need for early replacement. In our years of experience, over half of the water leaks we treated and repaired could have been prevented with routine roof maintenance. Therefore, maintaining your roofing system now can definitely save you money in the long run.

Can You Repair Instead of Replace Your Roof?

During the fulfillment of the maintenance agreement and roof inspections, the contractor may recommend repairs. Leakage is the most common problem for both residential and commercial roofing systems and are sometimes very difficult to detect. At San Diego County Roofing, we dedicate a great amount of time to training our roof technicians to be skilled at the art of finding hidden roof leaks. Our approach is simple and guided by a combination of logic, training, experience, and intuition.

We use a thorough checklist to look for signs that a roof needs to be repaired instead of replaced. One or more of these items usually indicates a problem:

  • Worn, cracked, curled or missing shingles or tiles
  • Excessive rust on a metal roof
  • Streaks or stains along the home’s exterior walls
  • Excessive mold or moss growth on the roof surface
  • Loose or missing flashing around vents and chimneys
  • Loose or hanging gutters
  • Staining of rafters in attic space
  • Sagging or staining on the underside of roofing
La Costa, CA roof repairs While performing necessary repairs, San Diego County Roofing professionals will only use the highest quality products compatible with the existing system and will take great care to maintain the look and functionality of the original roof. We offer expert roof repairs for residential and commercial customers on a variety of different roofing materials:
  • Spanish tile, clay tile
  • shingle, asphalt shingle
  • slate, concrete
  • single ply membrane
  • metal
  • hot tar built up roofing systems
When you are ready to schedule your residential or commercial roof inspection, discuss a preventative maintenance plan, or need a roof repair, please call on the experts at San Diego County Roofing. We are happy to review all your options based on a thorough evaluation of your existing roofing condition.

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