Modified Bitumen Roofing in San Diego

San Diego County Roofing & Solar is a top service provider offering high-quality roofing solutions. We are roofing specialists with experience in a wide range of roofing systems. Whether you are looking for a slanted or flat roof, we are the team to call. We have been offering modified bitumen roofing in San Diego for several years now. Our roofing professionals understand the need to do a good job and will go the extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our company uses cutting-edge technology to ensure every project is unique and successful. This is one of the factors that make our services trustworthy and reliable. Whether working on commercial or residential buildings, our team will not leave until you are completely satisfied. Contact us today and lets us handle those roofing issues.

What is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Modified bitumen roofing is among the most common options for commercial roofs. The system has been used as a standard roofing asphalt solution since the 1970s.  Modified bitumen was developed to offer maximum protection with the least maintenance needs. Today, a modified bitumen roof represents the highest-end roofing solution. Modified bitumen roofing systems come in two main categories; atactic polypropylene (APP) and styrene-butadiene styrene (SBS).
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Modified Bitumen 01 - Modified Bitumen Roofing in San Diego
The SBB is a more cost-effective roofing system. It is heat welded, or torch applied to look like plastic. On the other hand, the SBS roof system offers more impact resistance and temperature tolerance. It’s installed using a hot mopping method that uses asphalt or a cold process adhesive, ending in a rubber-like surface. Both systems are great for commercial roofing. They are both quite resistant to impact and weather fluctuations. Because of its complex nature, you will need the best contractors to have it successfully installed. This roof will make your house look beautiful, but only if the contractor knows what they are doing.

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 A Brief History

The name modified bitumen comes from the “modifiers” added to the base material, which is a bitumen. Thermal catalysts are used to make it stronger and more adhesive. It also makes installation possible. The modifiers add durability to the benefits of these roofs. Common asphalt is strengthened more using these modified, also improving the general quality of the material. Modified bitumen membrane works just like other flat roofing options in terms of insulation. However, it’s more effective. If proper construction methods are followed, you are looking at the most energy-efficient roofing solution.


You need the best roofing company to get the most from modified bitumen roofs. These are roofs that require complex approaches like the subzero cooling process. That might make the entire job a bit challenging. If done right, bitumen roofing is the best choice both for commercial and industrial roofs. A well built-up roof promises the following benefits.

Affordable and Energy Efficient

Installing Bitumen is quite easy if the contractor understands what they are doing. Materials like gravel are also easily available. This can significantly reduce the cost of putting up these roofs.

Durable and Reliable

Durability is one of the reasons bitumen roofing is the best choice for many people in San Diego. You won’t be calling a contractor to get the shingles repaired any time soon once installed. And it will serve you for many years.


Unlike standard PVC and TPO, modified bitumen roofs are quite versatile. They will fit right on almost any roof with very minimal difficulty. Most roofing contractors recommend this method because it offers customers an easy option.

High Resistance

It can be relatively expensive when roofing your building initially with modified bitumen. But the highest costs come from using the roof. After years, issues with heat and expensive inspection may require a lot more. That is why you need a roof that is more resistant and durable. Modified Bitumen is certainly such a material.

Why Choose Us for Modified Bitumen Roofing San Diego?

A modified bitumen roof may be easy to install. It’s its simplicity that appeals to many contraction clients. But that does mean you choose just anyone to do the installation. The last thing you want is having roofing issues just a few years after the job. And that is why you must carefully select a roofing company.

Here are reasons why San Diego County Roofing & Solar is that company:

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A Dedicated Team

When looking for a new roof, you need someone who can offer the best advice. While there are many options, not all may be fit for your needs, making it overwhelming. San Diego County Roofing & Solar has a professional team to handle everything for you. Modified bitumen roofing features multiple layers that require a dedicated team to do it successfully. We are that team.

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We are experienced enough to know which roofs have better contraction capabilities and which ones don’t. We have been on the roofing market for several years now. That means we can recommend the best materials, giving you the strongest roof.

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Customer Focused

Our aim is to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied. And that is why we take every roofing job very seriously. Whether it’s a small repair job or replacing the entire roof, we will give you a deal you won’t resist. And the quality of services we provide is beyond your expectation.

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We are Trustworthy

The roof is a crucial part of every building. The last thing you want is dealing with constant repairs because you chose an incompetent service. At San Diego County Roofing & Solar, we put our clients first. We follow professional channels from the time you contact until the job is complete. That is where we build trust.

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We Are Local

We are a local roofer with a proper understanding of the local weather and roofing needs. We cannot trust just anyone to evaluate your needs for the best roofing options. And that is what makes us more reliable. We know which materials are the best in San Diego and entire California.

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Experts in Different Roofing Styles

Our expertise in different roofing styles forms the foundations of our business. We offer roofing services in comparison to your neighborhood and specific construction needs. Our experts have great experience in a wide range of roofing options, including modified bitumen.


Is modified bitumen expensive?
Generally, modified bitumen roofs are not very expensive compared to other options. However, there may be certain factors like adverse weather that may increase your roof replacement cost.

Is a modified bitumen roof good?
Yes. Modified bitumen features fiberglass and other materials that make it a great option. Roofing with it means reliability and durability.

What is the life expectancy of a modified bitumen roof?
Modified bitumen is one of the oldest roofing materials. Most people refer to it as “torch-down roofing. Asphalt and filter ingredients make it look like rubber and resistant to rain and extreme weather. With proper maintenance, the roof can last for 10 to 15 years.

What is better-modified bitumen or TPO?
When you consider a better material, TPO is relatively better. But if you are on a very restricted budget and need a cheaper option, go for modified bitumen.