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The roof is perhaps the most important element on your property. It protects your home and those living inside from the outdoor elements. Proper maintenance from a roofing contractor is crucial, especially for San Diego residents. Unpredictable rains, hot summers, and strong storms can all cause damage to a San Diego roof. If your property is due for roof repair, get in touch with San Diego County Roofing & Solar. We understand the value of a well-maintained roof and offer cost-effective services for both residential and commercial properties. Need roofing services completed on your property? Get in touch for a free estimate.

Our Services

San Diego County Roofing & Solar has been around for over 25 years. Our San Diego roofing team is licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable when it comes to roof repair and maintenance services. Whether you have roof damage and need some work done, or you’re unsure what the roofing issue is, we can help. Located in San Diego, we also service nearby areas, including:

• Lakeside
• Chula Vista
• National City

• El Cajon
• San Marcos
• Spring Valley

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Residential Roofing

Our roof repair company intentionally keeps you and your family safe by providing you with excellent solutions. We use materials like clay, tile, concrete, and slate, depending on what best suits your home. Let us take care of all your issues today.

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Commercial Roofing

We also provide our services to commercial buildings within San Diego, including the maintenance and repairs of such building tops. Our team has experience dealing with different types of materials and can guarantee quality services. If you feel your building needs a replacement or a few patches, call us and let us protect your building from extreme damage.

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Roof Inspections

How often should a roof be tuned up? Your inspection will let you know when you’re due for help. Regular roofing service inspections make sure your housetop is in excellent condition. If there are any issues requiring roof work, we’d make them known to prevent a hefty roof replacement. Inspections address both minor or serious issues like roof leaks or damaged tile roofing. The best way to fix an issue is to understand the root of the problem. Our team can help.

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Roof Repairs

Roof repairs shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your San Diego roofing contractor recommends a minor service, listen to them. Otherwise, you may end up with extensive damage a few months down the road that could have been prevented through a simple repair. Our team has experience servicing different types of roof shingles, tiles, and tile roof materials. We are here to prevent further damage that could lead to needing an expensive new roof. For example, if there are signs of wear on your tile roof, a quick repair in San Diego will save you time and money long-term. For commercial or residential roof repairs, give us a call.

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Roof Replacement

When roof repairs aren’t enough, San Diego homeowners may need an entire roof replacement. Sometimes, the housetop has served its purpose and reached its lifespan. When this happens, it will be cheaper to replace the entire top than conduct repairs.

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Some may ask, “Do I need to replace roof tiles?” and the answer may be yes, but this is different from a full replacement. Please note that our team of roofing contractors will never suggest a roof replacement unless it’s absolutely necessary. We strive to offer honest advice and never suggest San Diego property owners pay more than they need.

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New Roof Installations

Perhaps you’ve just built a home and are looking for a new installation. Our San Diego roofing company has over 25 years of experience installing roofing systems for both commercial and residential roofing. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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Solar Services

We want our customers in San Diego to keep the lights on without the hefty power bills and with clean energy. Our team on the ground will help you install solar panels on your roof and ensure the ultimate functionality of the panels. We work on both residential and commercial buildings, so do not hesitate to call us for that solar panel installation.

Gutter Cleanings

Another service that our roof repair San Diego business does is gutter cleaning. Our services are diverse and include all the necessary aspects of maintaining a sturdy structure. Cleaning the gutters prevents any dirt buildup that could clog and damage your roof’s drainage system and may eventually cause leaks in the rainy season.

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Even though our roofing specialists will clean your gutters during roof repair in San Diego, it is essential to schedule a gutter cleaning now and then to keep the gutters functional all the time. A property owner in San Diego understands the importance of this exercise, which is why we always have gutter cleaning contracts from commercial and residential properties within the area.

Sealing Potential Leaks

Routine maintenance helps you identify potential problems and fix them before you are forced into re-roofing. You should be able to catch potential roof leaks before water starts dripping through the ceiling. We realized that sealing potential these leaks is one of the problems that the people of San Diego have and decided to add it to our list of necessary repairs.

We’re Setting the Standard for Roofing & Solar Customer Service

Our experience was great and we recommend this company with no hesitation. The scope of work was thoroughly explained upfront and all questions were answered accordingly. Edgar and crew were always courteous, paid attention to detail, and cleaned up the site regularly and did an extra clean up on the last day. We highly recommend San Diego County Roofing!

Escondido, CA

Couldn’t be happier with choosing SD county roofing. We got quotes from 4 companies and while this wasn’t the cheapest quote, it was by far the most professional and considerate of them all. Great company, great work (the roof looks outstanding), great quality. Trust these guys, they won’t rip you off or let you down…which is a serious risk in this industry.

San Diego, CA

We had our roof completely replaced last week (3/3-7) and couldn’t be happier with the entire process.  Even our neighbors told us that the crew was very courteous and professional.  They cleaned up EVERY piece of debris, were very careful around the plants/shrubs/flowers. They started on time, finished on time and it was a great experience from start to finish

San Diego, CA

Why Choose San Diego County Roofing Company?

Commitment and Reliability to You and Your Home

Our San Diego commercial roofing team is reliable and ensures that you and your home or business come first. We will always respond when you call, and our roofing specialists ensure that your home is safe and your roof installation lasts as long as it should.

24/7 Availability

We work around the clock to ensure that our clients in San Diego get excellent services. Whether you want a roofing installation or roof leak repair, our roofing specialists will provide roof repair in San Diego.

Affordable Roof Repair Solutions

We will always give you commercial roofing systems that are durable and affordable. We want you to get the best possible services within the San Diego roofing industry without breaking the bank.

Tailor-Made Maintenance Packages

Our services are customized to fit your commercial or residential roofing needs. We allow you to pick the service you need to ensure you remain happy and content with our work. The customizable packages also allow you to work within your budget on your wood shake, shingles, tiles, and more.

Highly Efficient and Experienced Roofing Contractors

Whether you want roofing installation, roof leak repair, solar panels, tile roofs, or just a re-roof in San Diego, our team has the right skills to deliver an excellent job. Our insured roofing contractor will listen to your needs and do what you want them to do.

Industry’s Latest Roofing Techniques

Our roofing projects in San Diego require consistently updating our tools, skills, and knowledge. A roofing project like solar panel installation is one of the reasons why our team keeps learning the latest techniques.

Excellent Customer Service

Besides our impeccable roofing installation skills, we also give excellent customer service and support to our San Diego’s esteemed clients. We recommend the best materials for roof issues and attend to all your needs professionally and carefully.

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