One of the most overlooked aspects when purchasing a home is the condition of its roof.  For the untrained eye, most roofs whether they are 5 or 15 years old don’t look much different from one another. The home inspector will usually only recommend a roof inspection if the roof is older than 20 years. A few weeks ago, we learned that’s not always a good rule of thumb, especially in San Diego – Read our last blog “The Problem with Tract Homes with Tile Roofs.”

Failure to get a roof inspection on that home you are looking to buy can prove costly once you get settled in and it starts to leak like a sieve once the first rain rolls into town. Time to put all of those home improvement projects you envisioned once you selected this home, it’s going to the roof! This can be avoided with a simple roof inspection.

If you are a real estate professional that is representing the buyer, it’s very important to inform your client that they should get a roof inspection before buying or they can expect a large expense in the near future. Even if there is no roofing credit issued, they need to know a budget number so they can start saving.

We offer four different options to the prospective buyer or real estate professional representing the buyer.

  • No Charge – We will look at the property online and give a (very) rough budget number for a re-roof over the phone.
  • $50 – $75 – We will order an aerial CAD drawing of the home and give a more accurate budget number over the phone and send a short email description.
  • $250+ – We will go on the roof of the home and perform a thorough inspection. We will provide you with digital pictures, a summary of the overall condition of the roof and a quote to repair defects or for a re-roof. If you end up hiring us to perform the recommended repairs or re-roof, we will deduct the cost of the inspection from your invoice.
  • $TBD Drone Inspections. We will preform cutting-edge drone inspections in 4k quality video. You will receive the footage on a USB thumb drive along with a report with condition and recommendations.

When you consider that the average re-roof cost in San Diego is roughly $15-$20k – it is imperative that you consider getting a roof inspection for your home or strongly recommending it to your client regardless of the age of the roof. This will help you and/or your client make a well informed decision when buying a home.

Hire San Diego County Roofing to perform this inspection for you. It’s simple. Call  855-732-6868 or email or Request an Estimate online.