San Diego isn’t known for being the cheapest place to live. So should a major project like a full roof replacement fill you with terror? Good news – if you make a few smart choices, the cost of replacing a roof in San Diego might be significantly less than you’d think.

Our guide explains how the cost of installing a new roof is determined, whether you should choose roof repair or a full replacement, and how to select the best roofing materials for your home. Let’s get to work.

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in San Diego?

Measuring the cost of roofing in San Diego depends on a lot of factors. The most significant of these is – how big is the roof? Roofing companies tend to provide an estimate per square foot, which means that even a small increase in size can lead to a hefty jump in price.

Roof installation costs in San Diego, CA can be anywhere around $5,000 up to $25,000. Small properties using cheaper materials might cost less, while palatial homes in swanky neighborhoods can run even higher than this.

The average costs of roofing for a mid-sized house tend to be somewhere between $8,000 and $13,000. San Diego residents will be unsurprised to hear that this is higher than national averages, which tend to be between $5,000 and $11,000.

How can you save money when replacing a roof in San Diego County? First, you need to understand what you’re paying for.

What Is Included in Roof Replacements?

It’s important to work with San Diego roofing contractors who will communicate with you throughout the process. This starts with a full discussion – a good contractor will provide a full breakdown of costs up-front and will help you understand where you can save money.

Here’s what your discussions should cover.

Material Costs

The type of roofing material you use for your roof plays a huge role in the final cost. We should stress that materials are a matter of “you get what you pay for”. Be sure you’re not skimping out on quality for a lower price.

Standard-quality roof shingles will save you a lot of money on your new roof installation. However, they’ll likely have a much shorter life than high-quality shingles or options like metal and tile. They’ll also be more susceptible to damage, so you’ll need to pay for more repairs.

It’s worth considering a roofing contractor that is approved by a top manufacturer like GAF. They’ll be able to get you the best price on high-quality shingles and do a great job installing them. Superior shingles can last for up to 50 years compared to 20 for cheap options – this means that you’ll be paying at least twice as much over the roof’s lifespan than it says on the price tag.

Labor Costs

Local roofing contractors often have higher labor costs than national construction companies. Again – you’ll get what you pay for. A local roofing company has much more to lose if it does a poor job. A low up-front cost estimate means nothing if you have to pay for roofing repairs because the contractor did a budget job for a budget price.

While a higher labor cost is not a guarantee of quality, hiring professionals who know the best materials and processes for the San Diego area is a great policy.

Timeline Costs

If you want your roofing project completed faster, it’ll cost you more. This is an unfortunate necessity when you need emergency roofing services. Great companies will take account of your circumstances and try to offer a reasonable price quote for fast delivery – this might include affordable financing options.

Insurance Costs

Roofers need to be insured when they’re working on a project. The cost of their insurance can vary depending on the type of work they’re doing. If the roofer’s insurer sees a project as high-risk because of safety factors, this will increase the final price.

What Affects Roof Cost in San Diego County?

Besides general concerns like your choice of material, the state of the existing roof can affect your new roof cost in San Diego. This should all be identified and discussed after an initial roof inspection – here’s what your roofing contractors should check when they inspect your current roof.

Roof Slope

If your roof has a steep slope, the contractor will need more safety equipment to do their work. This will also likely drive the cost of their insurance up. A flat roof tends to be much cheaper to replace for this reason.


When a roof is difficult to access, it makes the work harder – you guessed it, this will increase the price. A good roofing company will do everything they can to work out the best access route to your roof when you get your first cost estimate and explain how this affects the price.

Age of the Existing Roof

A very old roof might be unsafe to work on. This means roofing companies need to use extra equipment because they might not be able to safely stand on the old surface.

Quality of Roofing Contractor

Much like standard-quality shingles, a standard-quality roofer will talk a good game but can’t provide you with long-term assurances. Your contractor should be:

Always ready to pick up the phone and discuss your project Up-front about all costs Able to provide free quotes Happy to discuss the best choice of materials at length

If you feel like a contractor is pushing you towards a rushed decision, they probably just want their down payment. You can’t guarantee a high-quality full roof replacement from a roofer who seems impatient. This is your roofing project, and you should be given time to make your decisions.

What’s the Cheapest Roof Material?

The cost per square foot of different materials depends on the construction type. Standing seam models won’t cost the same as stamped shingles for a metal roof, even if the material is the same. Your roofing company will be happy to discuss the cost of materials at length.

Asphalt Roof Installation

Asphalt is cheap and cheerful. High-quality asphalt shingles like GAF last much longer than standard asphalt, which will save you money in the long run.

Slate Roof Installation

A slate roof gives your home a beautiful look but you’ll need to budget for it. Slate is much more expensive than asphalt. However, it’s extremely durable.

Metal Roof Installation

A metal option might last for 50-100 years if well-maintained. Some metals like corrugated steel are very affordable, while gorgeous options like copper are more expensive.

Wood Shake Roof Installation

Wood shake roofing looks very pretty. It’s a popular roof design choice in warmer areas like San Diego, but it might require more maintenance than other materials.

Tile Roof Installation

Wood shake roofing looks very pretty. It’s a popular roof design choice in warmer areas like San Diego, but it might require more maintenance than other materials.

Measuring Your San Diego Roof Replacement Cost

Here’s how to cut down on your roof replacement cost in San Diego and get your new model at a great price!

1. Choose a Good Contractor

Research roofing companies in your area thoroughly. A trustworthy roofing specialist will:

residential and commercial properties

Have great reviews Be able to tell you how much similar homeowners paid for top-quality work Assess your existing roof and provide a free estimate Be local to San Diego CA Answer all your questions in detail

They’ll be able to help you work out a budget. The best roofers will also advise you if it’d be cheaper to repair your existing roof than schedule a replacement.

2. Pick Your Materials

Whether it’s a high-quality GAF shingle or a durable metal roof, your specialist will provide a full breakdown of the price of materials per square foot. Your house is a long-term project – it’s worth protecting it with the best materials.

3. Get an Estimate

Once you’ve chosen your roofing material, your roofing specialist will provide you with a comprehensive and free estimate for the project. This should include a roof inspection and identification of possible problems – you don’t want to hear “oh, we didn’t realize it was so steep, that’ll cost more” 30 minutes into construction.

4. Set a Timeline

The roofing company should work with you to devise a full schedule and estimate how long work will take. This should allow for unforeseen factors like freak bad weather – unrealistic promises are a bad sign.

5. Maintain Communication

There should always be a friendly, professional expert picking up the phone when you call. It’s natural to have concerns and questions during the installation process – your specialist should be happy to provide answers.

6. Enjoy Your New Roof!

From the initial estimate to work being completed, great companies will strive to help you save money. It’s much easier to enjoy your new roof when you’ve been treated with honesty and courtesy throughout.

Cost of Roofing in San Diego CA: Final Thoughts

So how much does a new roof cost in San Diego? A good company will use great materials for installation and help you remain within budget. This means that your home will have long-lasting protection and you won’t have to spend on repairs once work is finished – choose top local roofing companies for the best results.