Are you stuck between a few roof colors for your home or business?

Choosing the best one might be difficult if one isn’t sticking out to you. What do you do when you have a rainbow to pick from?

That’s where roofing companies in San Diego come in. These experts know the area and which colors will look best on your property compared to other homes in the neighborhood.

Here’s our professional advice on choosing the color for your roofing.

Reflect Your Personal Style

The roof of your home normally makes up around 40% of the total external area. With today’s roofing market’s huge selection of appealing colors and styles, there are plenty of opportunities to convey your personality in your roof through its color, just like you would do through your interior walls and room decor.

Roofing contractors will provide you with various options for expressing your personal style on their home’s exterior. Choose the option that conveys a feeling you want to express or a style you identify with. For example, red roof tiles show that you love the SoCal look that’s so popular in San Diego. However, red also conveys passion and a desire to be bold.

Choose Color Schemes Depending on House Type

House structures change depending on the geographic area to suit the region. For example, San Diego is not just known for its tile but also the California Cut style. As a result, while choosing a roof color, you should aim for one that matches your home’s unique structure. If your home has a California Cut, we recommend sticking to traditional black shingles, so the colors blend in smoothly from a distance when they meet at the creases.

Make a Statement About Your Home’s Size

Remember that darker colors make a house appear smaller, while lighter colors appear larger. Roofers in San Diego can help you determine whether it will be better to make your house seem larger with light-colored shingles or tiles or whether it’s not necessary – your roof might seem big enough as it is.

Think of Your Local Climate

The cost of heating and cooling your home might vary dramatically depending on the color you choose. Dark shingles absorb heat and help homes stay warm in colder regions by reflecting sunlight, whereas lighter shingles deflect light and help homes stay cool in hotter climes.

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Don’t Forget to Sample

Viewing the sample before deciding on the final color is a good idea. Check with your roofing companies to see if the colors you like (or even find interesting) are available and if they can offer you samples before making a final decision. Otherwise, you might have to call your San Diego roofers to repair and repaint the whole thing!

Oh, and Have Fun

Choosing the proper roof color might be a difficult decision to make, and it is one that must be considered carefully. However, it shouldn’t be stressful – it’s a fun and exciting experience!

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