In a world of YouTube, articles, and forums where unlimited resources are available when it comes to DIY “do it yourself” projects, it seems to make financial sense to try to fix and do the projects yourself. After all, you have step-by-step instructions at your disposal; you want to save money and get to the project going right away!

What could go wrong?

It’s important to consider that your roof usually represents the biggest asset on your home or building. Think of the engine in your car. You wouldn’t want to rebuild an engine from a YouTube video. There could be massive consequences if something were to go wrong, not to mention that every engine (roof) is unique in there own fashion.

Instead, rely on a licensed contractor to inspect, repair or re-roof your home or building. This is not the garbage disposal which falls in what I like to call “low risk, high reward DIY” category. Your roof protects you and all of your assets from the elements. When not done properly, you can have health risks when dealing with leaks, mold or potential of the roof collapsing.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, here’s some more common DIY roof mistakes:

Inspecting for Damage and Doing Even More Damage

While it may sound like a good idea to get up on your roof to take a look yourself– in practice, this is often a major mistake. Merely walking on flashing or certain shingles can cause damage and create leaks. Taking a cursory look is fine, but try to stay off the roof if possible.

Replacing Shingles and Ruining the Roof

Shingles may look like an easy product to replace, but there’s a lot of expertise involved. We’ve seen so many fails here it’s hard to pick just one. Many DIYers nail new shingles over old shingles, which can easily ruin a roof. Others use the wrong nails, or the wrong number of nails, or the wrong overlap between shingle layers…creating widespread problems that are expensive to fix.

Picking the Roofing Materials

Many homeowners think they can pick out roofing materials themselves and call a roofer later. Homeowners tend to pick materials they like the best or think look the most beautiful. However, it’s important to pick materials that match your environment. The wrong type of shingles will fade, grow algae, or accidentally heat up your home. The wrong tiles will crack and shatter. The wrong metal panels will warp or rust. You need expert advice at this stage, too!

Covering up Vents – and Damaging Your Attic

“My attic opens right up to the air? That’s how dust and pests get inside! We need to cover these up,” is a thought many homeowners have had. Your attic needs those vents on and near the roof to move moisture and prevent condensation. Covering them up invites serious moisture damage.

Ignoring Permits – and Getting Violations

Yep – for many types of roof repair, you need a local permit – along with knowledge of local roofing requirements and building standards. DIY projects may threaten insurance coverage for your roof and lead to other types of trouble in the future.

Ignoring Safety – and Getting Hurt

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