Hiring a roofing contractor to replace your roof can be expensive. Even though they will perform the work in a timely manner and have the license for the service, you may need to dig deeper into your pockets.

Overage, you will spend about $1 to $1.5 per square foot for the project. This can translate to $1500 to $225 for a 1,500-square-foot roof.

Because of these prices, most homeowners choose to avoid a roofing contractor and DIY their roofing projects. But that is not as easy as it sounds.

According to the California building code, you will need a building permit to perform any repairs on your house. A professional roofing contractor will already have all the necessary licenses. But as a homeowner, you will need to get one.

Do You Need a Permit to Replace a Roof in San Diego? - San Diego County Roofing & Solar

Permits Require Replacing a Roof and the California Codes

Like many other cities, including La Mesa and Carlsbad, a homeowner will require a permit to replace their roof in San Diego city. The general rule of such a license is that they are a requirement when the work is structural.

A permit is not necessary for minor repairs. But if a large part of the roof must be installed, it becomes a re-roof, with requires that you obtain the necessary license.

There is a range of permits you will need to replace your roof. Each license is designed to cover a certain amount of work; you must have it before you begin.

The main permits include the following:

  • A roofing permit that will cost you $250 to $500
  • A plumbing perming that costs $50 to $500
  • An HVAC permit worth $250 to $400.

The latest California Building Code requires that you get a roofing permit when you want to replace your entire roof. It also requires that you obtain a cool roof if you are replacing a roof steeper than a 2:12 ratio and if you’re your home is to the east of Berkley Hills.

Consequences of Re-roofing Without Permit

There are tasks you can perform without a permit. These include installing panels and countertops, installing floors and carpets, making small repairs, and painting walls. But if you must replace the roof, a license is needed.

You will face the consequences if an inspector finds you installing proper papers. You might face fines and tax penalties. And you might even be forced to demolish any unpermitted work.

Are DIY Roof Replacements Worth It?

Suppose it is possible to replace your San Diego roof. You will need a permit to do so, which is easy to obtain.

A DIY project involves inspecting the roof yourself, finding the right material, and installing it properly. As long as you meet the building permit requirements, it should not be hard.

One of the reasons anyone would want to follow this path is to avoid spending on the contractor. It might save you some cash, but is it worth it?

There are several factors that make this work a bit overwhelming for an individual. These include:

The Complexity of the Roof

The roof is a complex structure that requires proper understanding and expertise. Obtaining the permit is just one part of the process, but there is a lot more.

You will need to find the right material, take measurements, ensure the foundation is strong, check the structural integrity of the whole building, and do much more. You may not have the proper knowledge of such.

Reputable roofing contractors will come with a team, experience, and expertise. They have finished several similar projects and therefore understand what it takes to install a good roof.

It Can Be A Dangerous Job

Even if you obtain a permit to install the roof and comply with the regulations, the task is still too expensive for one person. Most roofs have steep slopes that could make it hard to obtain proper balance.

Also, some of the roofing materials are quite delicate. Tiles, slate, and shingles can easily break without carefully handling them. So aside from risking your safety, you may also end up wasting precious materials.

You May Not Have The Tools

Ladders, roofing nails, air compressors, utility knives, roofing shovels, caulking guns, chalk line tools, and measuring tapes are necessary when replacing a roof. The project should begin by gathering all these items. You may not have the money to invest in them yet.

Thus, hiring a professional like San Diego Roofing & Solar could be the most cost-effective approach. The company already has all the necessary tools.

Hire a reputable roofing contractor, and you can avoid all these issues. At San Diego County Roofing & Solar, we are committed to delivering the highest quality roofing services with the assurance of customer satisfaction.