If you own a home with a tile roof that is approximately 20-30 years old, it’s most likely reached the end of it’s serviceable lifespan. You’ve probably seen some broken tiles or maybe some roof leaks from this past years heavy rainfall in San Diego. If you are like most homeowners, the first thing you think of is an expensive re-roof is in the near future. Maybe you don’t have that budgeted and you put it on hold, putting your investment at risk each year you “wait it out.”

We have good news for you.

Lift & Relay. In 90% of the roofs that we inspect, the existing tiles can be re-used, unless the homeowner wants it replaced for aesthetic reasons. As the name implies, we lift and stack the existing tiles for re-use. We inspect for and replace the rotten or termite damaged wood. We install all new metal flashing  (pipes, skylights, chimneys, valleys, walls, etc.) We install new roof vents and ventilate vaulted ceilings in accordance with current building code requirements. We re-install the existing roof tiles. We only lose approximately 5% – 10% to either pre-existing breakage or breakage that occurs during the re-roofing process. We will install new replacement tiles on a section of the roof that is discreetly located, so as to have minimum impact on the appearance of the roof from the front of the house.

Here is a recent Lift & Relay project that we did in Rancho Peñasquitos. The homeowner was able to save over 50% by going with this option as opposed to a roof tear-off & re-roof.

Project Details:
2500 square foot roof in Ranchos Peñasquitos
Tile roof Lift & Re-lay with vaulted ceiling ventilation.

2 layers of Malarkey Right Start UDL

Replacement Tiles
Boral Std Wt Concrete Barcelona

Vaulted Ceiling Ventilation
DCI Products SmartBaffle
Owens Corning VentSure Inflow Vent

California Building Code 1203.2
Requires that vaulted/cathedral ceilings be ventilated

If you would like save over 50% and get a brand new roof with a Lift & Relay roofing option, contact us today for an estimate! 855-732-6868 or email troy@sandiegocountyroofing.com