Although spring always brings new beginnings and beautiful weather, there’s always a big storm or two first. To get to tweeting birds and blooming flowers, we must endure rain, wind, and potential roof damage – even in sunny areas like San Diego.

The best way to avoid dealing with expensive property repairs in spring is to do some simple preventative maintenance beforehand. As an experienced roofing company in San Diego, CA, we’re here to show you how to prepare for a stormy spring and step in to keep your structure safe. Keep reading for five of our best spring storm preparation tips for your roofing in San Diego!

Have a Roof Inspection

Having a San Diego roofing contractor inspect your structure will catch any potential problems early. Many roofers in San Diego also recommend an annual maintenance check to ensure that any leaks or cracks can be fixed before the stormy season begins.

Roof maintenance can be scheduled easily by getting in touch with your local San Diego roofing company – most companies can even offer same-day service.

Clean Your Gutters and Drain Spouts

Whether you’re expecting rain or strong winds, your gutters and drain spouts need to be clean to avoid clogging. Full gutters during a storm could lead to them overflowing, with the water rising upwards and causing potential leaks. Drain spouts also need to be clear to allow the water from the gutters to flow to a safe location, not near your foundation.

Roof repairs in San Diego can be easily performed to prevent these problems, including fixing any clogged guttering or spouts.

Replace Any Broken Shingles or Tiles

The last thing you want during a storm is rainwater entering your home due to a faulty shingle. Be sure to fix these problems immediately, as water entering your home could cause a plethora of issues, including:

  • Rotting wood
  • Mold and mildew buildup
  • Structure damage

A small, loose shingle may not seem like an issue when the weather is calm, but strong winds have the ability to force them off or crack them even more.

Luckily for your San Diego roofers, replacing broken tiles or shingles is an easy job.

Trim Your Tree Branches

If you have large trees in the vicinity of your roof, it’s a good idea to get them trimmed before a spring storm. This is because strong winds and hailstones are capable of breaking tree branches. If a large branch collapses onto your roof, it has the capacity to break and loosen shingles and cause irreparable damage to your structure.

While there is nothing you can do about strong winds during a storm, you can stop trees and branches from causing carnage to your roof. You’ll not only prevent your structure from needing roofing repair in San Diego, but you’ll also ensure the safety of your family and neighbors.

Check Your Flashings

Flashings are primarily fitted to ensure your roof stays watertight. If your flashing is old or worn, you run the risk of rainwater entering either down the chimney or through the roof tiles. This could cause water damage to many areas of your home and lead to an unsafe structure.

When you contact San Diego roofing companies for your inspection, ensure they check your flashing to make sure it is properly fitted.

Look After Your Roof

There you have it. Prepping your roof for the dangerous spring storm season isn’t difficult, but it does require some proactive care and a few preventative maintenance calls to your local San Diego roofing company. Don’t wait until April to inspect your roof for damage – we recommend calling roofing companies in San Diego in late February and early March for the best results.