Any serious storm can cause damage to your roof, whether hail is involved or not. This is why you need to get it checked after every major storm by San Diego roofing companies. The sooner you can get it inspected, the less chance there is for additional problems to manifest.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are dealing with San Diego roofing repair for wind damage.

Types of Roof Damage

There are many different types of damage wind can cause in San Diego, and some problems may even build up over time. Here are the most common types of wind damage that occur both immediately and gradually.

Shingle Damage

Gusts of wind can cause some major damage to shingles. In some cases, you may even be missing some shingles because they have been completely blown away. If this happens, a leak can develop, so call roofing contractors in San Diego immediately if you notice any missing shingles. Worn granules on shingles can also be a sign of wind damage, so keep an eye out for any piles of granules.


Wind often kicks up debris around your house, including tree limbs, which can cause some serious damage. Even if you don’t see any debris after a storm, there could have been some at one point, so make sure you still get roofing companies in San Diego to do an inspection. Flying debris is very likely to cause leaks and other damage to your home, so make sure you secure any loose items before a storm and have your trees trimmed as well.

Loose Patches

After any serious storms, you could have some patches that have loosened. This could result in a variety of other problems, so make sure you get roofers in San Diego to check for any loose patches when they do their inspection. If you can’t get it done right away, make sure you get it done before the next major storm to avoid any more problems from popping up in the meantime.

Consequences of Roof Damage

If you spot any debris on your roof after a storm, you will most likely want to take it down yourself. Make sure you are careful when doing this, and if you can’t do it on your own, call San Diego roofing contractors to help you out. Waiting to get San Diego roofing repair done can be very bad for your home because the problems can get worse over time. Getting regular inspections by roofing companies in San Diego can help you prevent these problems from getting severe. If your roofers in San Diego are able to spot missing shingles or other wind damage during an annual inspection, it may save you money in the long run.


If you have had any major storms in your area recently and have not done so already, make sure you schedule an inspection with roofing contractors in San Diego to assess any wind damage that might have occurred.

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