Winter is approaching, and you know what that means: white snow blankets, hot mugs of cocoa, the holidays, and a wonderful time of year for a variety of reasons.

But something else that comes with winter is freezing cold temperatures, and along with it, frozen or burst pipes, blocked gutters, and a slew of other concerns that can lead to property damage and issues for your roofing in San Diego.

Even San Diego may see the occasional snowfall and leave unprepared homeowners vulnerable. One winter hazard that has homeowners scrambling each year for roof repair in San Diego is ice dams.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at ice dams, how to avoid them spoiling your winter, and when you need to call a roofing company in San Diego.

What Are Ice Dams?

After a snowfall, ice dams can form in the fall and spring. A melting and refreezing cycle occurs when snow accumulates, melts, and refreezes on a roof—a completely solid thick film of ice forms on the edge of your roof due to this.

They form mainly when the heat escapes from your home’s attic and roof. It is a problem that those who live in places with a lot of snow are familiar with, such as in the north. And while it isn’t as common in America’s finest city, ice dams can happen more often than you’d think, especially for those living in the places in or near San Diego county that see snowfall.

Ice dams can make a home look warm and inviting, something out of a movie maybe, but they can cause considerable damage. Just ask your San Diego roofing company!

The Risks of Ice Dams

In your gutters, ice dams lead to the growth of bacteria and mold. The reason is that they prevent water or snow from draining from the roof of the house, providing a good habitat for bugs.

If not correctly cared for, they can be exceedingly costly to keep. The longer they are left alone, the more damage the gutters and roof suffer. As a result, paint peeling and water leaks within your home will become a problem. You may need to contact a San Diego roof repair company for assistance.

Roofing contractors in San Diego can help you deal with this problem. If left uncontrolled, this could endanger the individuals who live in the house!

Preventive Measures

Ice dams are a pain to deal with, but you can prevent them.

Shoveling snow off the roof, especially after a long day or night of snow, is one of the most common techniques roofing companies in San Diego use. Homeowners also can remove ice dams with the help of San Diego roofers.

You can also avoid ice formation by controlling and insulating your home’s temperature. The temperature outside and within the house could be kept in sync. Ice dams do not develop with a reduced temperature differential between indoors and outdoors, preventing the need to seek San Diego roofing repair.

Contact Your San Diego Roofing Contractors Today

Even though ice dams are beautiful to look at from far and add to your home’s exterior decorations throughout the winter, it is in your best benefit and safety to get them removed as soon as possible with the help of roofers in San Diego.