With fall officially here, it’s time to be proactive about roof maintenance. Today we are going to discuss the problems trees can have in regards to your roof. The trees around your home could cause costly damage to your roof; however, most of this damage can be prevented. Here are a few things you can do to protect your roofing system:

Trim Overhanging Branches

Branches that hang over your roof could be scraping and gouging the shingles on your roof from repeatedly brushing against it. A telltale sign may be pieces of shingles lying on the ground around your home.

By inspecting your roof often, you may be able to catch this roof damage early before it progresses past requiring a simple shingle repair. You can avoid this damage by making sure your trees are trimmed back away from your roof.

Clean Up Fallen Leaves & Needles

Tree leaves and pine needles are another threat to the health of your roof. They may still accumulate on your roof even if you have trimmed the tree branches away from it. If the leaves on your roof are not cleared away, they can lock in moisture that will cause your roof to deteriorate prematurely.

Your roof could show signs of mold or black algae growth that can deteriorate your shingles.

Safely Remove Unstable Trees

Look for signs of unhealthy trees around your home that could topple over or drop branches on your home during a storm.

If you see rotting branches, holes in trees, or mushrooms around your tree, it may be diseased and in need of professional care or removal.

Keep the Good Trees

Strategically placed trees on your property can be beneficial to your roof. Deciduous trees planted on the south side of your house can block the summer sun. These trees can help keep your roof shaded, prevent heat damage, and slow down the deterioration of your roof shingles.

Trees can also serve as a wind break, blunting some of the force from damaging winds.

If your roof has already been damaged or need help with roof maintenance, San Diego County Roofing is here to assist you! Contact us today at info@sandiegocountyroofing.com or 855-732-6868